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Cover Always on the run by Jan Hendrik
Flap copy Always on the Run by Jan Hendrik

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I’ll leave my e-mail address, so I’ll get a friendly note from you, maybe once or twice a year. This way I won’t miss out on your next big thing.

Always on the run: A biker memoir on how to travel brave..

Cover Always on the run by Jan Hendrik

Join Jan Hendrik on his epic solo motorcycle journey through the Balkans and Eastern Europe in “Always on the Run.” This captivating travelogue takes readers through 13 countries, encountering historical landmarks, rugged terrain and political unrest along the way.

As a solo traveler during a pandemic, Jan Hendrik faces numerous obstacles such as border restrictions, engine troubles, and cultural differences, but he never stops moving forward. Through his journey, he shares his personal growth and nomadic lifestyle, inspiring readers to be brave and pursue their own adventures.

Jan’s memoir is not just a travelogue, but also a window into different cultures and customs, including his steamy encounters with women, his visit to Western Ukraine during the war and his visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

With authenticity and attention to detail, Jan shares firsthand accounts of the thrill of exploring unknown territories and the personal growth that comes with stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. This book is a must-read for anyone who seeks adventure, love, knowledge, and self-discovery. Join Jan on his thrilling journey and discover for yourself the beauty and freedom of the open road.

Always on the run mockup Jan Hendrik

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About the author

Portret Jan Hendrik

Jan Hendrik Heslinga is an accomplished Dutch author, entrepreneur, filmmaker and solo traveler who has embarked on numerous adventures across the globe. Born in the 1980s, Jan Hendrik’s life has been full of ups and downs. He overcame a difficult childhood, which he openly described in his debut novel, “Pispaal,” published in the Netherlands in 2019.

Despite these challenges, Jan has made a series of unusual and brave life choices. He not only has a higher education in business, but he also has a degree in film and storytelling, which he completed in the United States after following a series of Tarot readings that inspired him to live his own legend and turned the world into his oyster.

Jan Hendrik’s love for travel and motorcycle touring shines through in his captivating storytelling. In his memoir, “Always on the Run,” he takes readers on a journey through 13 countries in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, including Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Greece and Ukraine.

Jan Hendrik’s writing is personal, inspiring and motivating. Despite facing personal struggles and setbacks, Jan’s determination and resilience have allowed him to pursue his dreams and inspire others to do the same. Whether he’s exploring new cultures, building his business, or writing his next book, Jan’s passion for adventure is infectious.

What other people think of Always on the run..

From Iqra B: There are multiple books that I read on daily routine but none of them have tickled me like this one. The whole story of ‘Always on the run’ was just incredible. But wait. We can’t call it a story. I don’t think the word ‘story’ is giving it grace. Indeed, it’s a beautiful journey of a person who found his paradise on different parts of earth.  

It’s really hard to write down your story with such authenticity. I’m surprised to see the creativity. Jan Hendrik nailed it. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that the author has done a remarkable job. I’m amazed to see how he has gotten back from an embracing journey by sharing it with everyone. No, I am not lying. I am just being honest.

The writer has paid attention to every aspect of writing flawless in an efficient way. I’m amazed to see how the writer has written everything in depth. I didn’t feel any barrier to imagine them. Indeed, while reading the story, I felt myself lost several times.

No doubt, the writer has described everything beautifully. However, it was just too short. It could be longer. Maybe, I’m saying it because it was so interesting. The selection of words is absolutely perfect. The story is showcasing the thoughts of the writer clearly. Writing your thoughts with such detail is nothing less than a magic. It takes a lot of effort. Not everyone can remember and write the emotions with such authenticity.

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